How we present you to the world. “The essence is to give order to information, form to ideas, expression, and feeling to artifacts that document human experience.”

Ripple design offers a full array of design services. We can help you determine the most effective vehicle for your message. Years of experience with a wide range of products means that you can expect high-quality, innovative products on target and on time.


Strategic answers to who? (Identity/Branding), what? (Campaign goals), and why? (Calls to action)

Ripple will help you drill down to the heart of your brand and meet your communication goals. Make your message stand out through strategic messaging, interaction, and media. Whether defining your identity as a new brand, or innovating new ways to be seen and heard, we want you to communicate with confidence.

UX: User Experience

Helping you not only reach your audience, but work with them to create a more effective product. Testing assumptions can lead to surprising innovations.

The best way to reach your clients is to learn from them. Making user experience part of your strategy leads to innovation and measurable successes. Ripple can help you hone your product through a responsive design process, using user testing to gain real insight into your audience.  Contact us to learn more about the benefits of the user experience process.

Art + Artifact

Practising Artist and Artisan. Trained in the handling of art and artifacts, specializing in Ethnology.

As an artist/artisan, I work in a variety of media including:

  • paint and ink
  • leather
  • natural fibers (spinning, knitting, felting)
  • polymer sculpture

I bring this experience to the Enthnology collection at the Royal British Colombia Museum. Under Curator Brian Seymour, I process new and existing First Nations art and Artifacts to meet the mandate of the collection: To keep items safe, protected for the long-term, and importantly, accessible to researchers, community, and present-day artists.